A mind map of concepts in auditory/speech perception

Since 2015, I made it a habit to summarize every single article I read with a few keywords + a list of technical details (methodology, type of stimuli used, task, group of participants) resulting in a gigantic spreadsheet. As a positive side-effect, the list of 835 keywords offers a great way to grasp how research fields are structured into subfields corresponding to different concepts/models/theories. So I decided to create a mind map out of it:

Of course I had to remove many keywords to keep the diagram somewhat readable (actually this is only ~1/3 of my list, I did not include the keywords related e.g. to linguistics, speech production or neurobiology). Although this is obviously a subjective exercise, I find it interesting to see how, because of my own research interest, some conceptual regions are densely covered with detailed keywords, while others are rather neglected (ouch… only 2 keywords related to semantics, shame on me!)

I will update this page regularly as the mind map grows bigger.

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