Modulation Filterbank model of the human auditory system

The Modulation Filterbank (MFB) model is a simple functional model of the human auditory system inspired by the work of Torsten Dau (PErceptual MOdel; Dau, Kollmeier & Kohlrausch, 1997) and Stefan Ewert (Envelope Power Spectrum Model; Ewert, Dau, 2000). These models aim at predicting the processing of temporal and spectral cues by human listeners.

The MFB is now available (together with 50 other models) in the new release of the Auditory Modeling Toolbox (AMT 1.0), an open access toolbox for Matlab and Octave. The model can be found under the name king2019 (see documentation and demo).

Administrative details

Collaborators: Christian Lorenzi, Alejandro Osses, Andrew King, Nicole Miller

Selected publications and presentations:

A general presentation of the toolbox « The Modulation Filterbank model, step-by-step presentation » (slides)

Description of the model, excerpt from Nicole Miller’s master’s thesis: NMiller_MFB  

List of publications using the MFB model:

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